Who will be in the Lab

Interested in a PhD in our lab?

University Institute of Superior Studies, Pavia   

Our group has joined the PhD Program in " Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnologies" of the Institute of Superior Studies (IUSS). This is a 3-year program, starting Oct 1st every year. Candidates are selected based on their CV and the results of an interview with a selection committee. Calls are typically open from April until June, selections and interviews take place in September. Selected candidates ( typically 3 or 4) will be awarded a stipend for 3 years and the opportunity to choose the lab where to carry out their PhD research among those officially listed in the PhD program (i.e., make sure that if you are interested in joining us you specify it!). Previous research experience in biochemistry and/or structural biology is not a requirement, however the committee will carefully assess the motivation of candidates towards enrolling in the PhD program and joining a specific research team (such as ours), the committment to research and the interest about moving to Pavia for the PhD.

Please note that this is the only route to join our research group as PhD fellow.

Make sure you check the IUSS website and, if interested, Send us an e-mail for more information.

Other positions in our team

There are no specific open calls at the moment

However, enquires from enthusiastic fellows are always welcome. Our institute provides a challenging and stimulating atmosphere combining experience accumulated working on difficult problems in enzymology as well as molecular and structural biology with appropriate infrastructure. Furthermore, measurement of the crystallographic data is conducted at state-of-the-art european synchrotron light sources. For inquiry, please supply your CV and a motivation letter to Federico Forneris.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are encouraged to apply for fellowships.

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