We study the molecular mechanisms of recognition and regulation that underlie biological processes in large macromolecular complexes. We are part of the Structural Biology Groups at the University of Pavia. In our website you can find information about our research interests, our team, our collaborators, and how to interact with us.

Latest News:

2019/04/09 - New Publication
New Cell Reports paper from Mattevi's Group describing the cryo-EM characterization of the LSD2-NPAC-Nucleosome multimeric complex. In this work, we collaborated by taking care of solution SAXS analyses of macromolecular complexes. - Browse the List of our Publications.

2019/03/05 - New Publication
New eLife paper from our collaborators at CNR Pavia describing a new splice variant of L1CAM generated by NOVA2-mediated alternative splicing. - Browse the List of our Publications.

2019/02/26 - Congratulations to our Students
We congratulate with our students Paolo De Angelis and Giansalvo Barbalinardo, who successfully defended their Master theses in Neurobiology and both graduated summa cum laude!

2019/02/12 - New Publication
New Protein Science paper describing the crystal structure of Neurotrypsin SRCR3. - Browse the List of our Publications.

2019/01/30 - New Publication
New Journal of Bone and Mineral Research paper describing SiMPLOD, our structure-integrated database of collagen lysyl hydroxylase (LH/PLOD) enzyme variants. - Explore SiMPLOD - Browse the List of our Publications

SiMPLOD database

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        Our work is funded by:

The Armenise-Harvard Foundation    Programma Giovani Ricercatori Rita Levi-Montalcini    H2020 MSCA IF
University Institute of Superior Studies, Pavia    Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro    Fondazione Cariplo    Regione Lombardia