Good science requires Excellent Teamwork

We are continuously looking forward to collaborating with cell biologists, electron microscopists and neuroscientists actively working on fields related to our research topics.

In particular, at the moment we wish to create a network of collaborations investigating the signalling and regulatory mechanisms in the extracellular matrix, sharing knowledge with worldwide experts focusing on the same research topic with different perspectives and research tools.

Through collaborations we can transpose the molecular insights obtained by our research to the cellular level -and eventually also using in vivo model systems-. This will expand the outcome of the scientific data and will increase their significance in the appropriate biological context.

Moreover, these collaborations will stimulate new exciting research topics that could be addressed in future projects.

If you wish to discuss further, send an e-mail to Federico Forneris.

Keywords for collaboration

  • Interaction - The lab is a place where we all share our information and data. If we all teach, we will all learn. Therefore we will all improve. We support and promote interactions, discussions and teamwork among the people in our lab.

  • Cooperation - Doing Science means working together to reach important objectives. If we work as a team, we all gain knowledge from our results. Problem solving will become easier, and results will be achieved more quickly.

  • Teamwork - We strongly believe that supporting each other as a team is the key for success. This goes for our people in the lab as well as for our collaborations at the national and international level.

  • How to Find Us

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