We study the molecular mechanisms of recognition and regulation that underlie biological processes in large extracellular macromolecular complexes using an integrative structural biology approach. We are part of the Structural Biology Groups at the University of Pavia. In our website you can find information about our research interests, our team, our collaborators, and how to interact with us.

Latest News:

2022/05/31 - PhD Fellowship Opportunity
The IUSS Pavia call for applications is open - DEADLINE JUNE 15th. If you want to join our group as PhD student in the Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology program, follow the instructions on the IUSS Website and apply for a Fellowship! - More information about open positions.

2022/05/01 - New Publication
New Acta Cryst F paper describing the high-resolution crystal structure of human ROR1 kringle domain. - Browse the List of our Publications.

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