We study the molecular mechanisms of recognition and regulation that underlie biological processes in large extracellular macromolecular complexes using an integrative structural biology approach. We are part of the Structural Biology Groups at the University of Pavia. In our website you can find information about our research interests, our team, our collaborators, and how to interact with us.

Latest News:

2022/01/03 - The start of a new year
Best wishes for a successful 2022 to everyone! Our team has experienced several challenges and we are ready to tackle new scientific challenges. We wish best of luck to our senior postdoc Luigi Scietti, who got a tenured position as Head of Facility at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milano, to Tiziano Ongaro, joining Novartis in Basel, and to Serena Pantalone, who will soon defend her PhD thesis and in the meantime will already start her new position in Pharma R&D. We welcome new PhD student Stefano Liberi, who"s been awarded a 3-years PhD fellowship from IUSS, and new Master Student Giorgia D"Angelo.

2021/09/23 - PASS-BioMed visit
We recorded a video for the European Researcher's night showing our light and electron microscopy facilities and their applications for cellular and molecular studies.

2021/09/22 - Changes in the team
Several changes in our team at the end of Summer 2021. We wish best of luck to Cristina Arrigoni, who"s been awarded a MSCA-IF Reintegration Fellowship and will move to our neighboring Department of Molecular Medicine. We also say goodbye to Carlo Bidoia, who got a job in industry. We also welcome new postdoc Daiana Mattoteia, who got a University Fellowship to carry out investigations in our lab, and the new Bachelor Student Chiara Pratesi.

2021/08/23 - New Publications
Two new papers describing results from excellent collaborations. In Nature Communications, with Pradella et al. we report on a ligand-insensitive UNC5B splicing isoform involved in angiogenesis and apoptosis. In Translational Research, with Koenig et al. we report on new PLOD1 mutations hinting on implications of the enzyme in human vascular disease and hint towards unprecedented glycosyltransferase functions of this molecule.- Browse the List of our Publications.

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